Midterm Idea.

My autobiographical game is a simplified simulation of my summer job. My responsibilities included making pizzas and taking them out to customers.  Major features in my game are creating pizzas and delivering them to customers on time. Ideally the pizzas will have characteristics that once delivered to a customer will reward you with points. Pizzas that are accurate, delivered quickly, and cooked correctly will grant more points. The duration of the game will be less than 10 minutes and in order to win, you must accumulate enough points to not get fired. 

Typical Game Sequence: 

  1. Game Begins, and shortly after the first order is placed. 
  2. Each order will tell you what pizza to make and which customer to give it to. The order will keep track of the time it takes for you to finally complete the order. 
  3. Once you have added the toppings, the pizza will then go into the oven where it will slide along for a couple of seconds. Pick up the pizza at the end and deliver it to the customer. 
  4. Once the pizza is dropped off, the game will calculate how many points you earned based on different factors like time, accuracy, and customer mood. Sometimes customers are just jerks so that will also be included in the game.
  5. Once you return an order may have already been placed or maybe not. Orders will show up randomly, but not back to back. 
  6. After a couple of minutes the game is over, and your total points are compared to the minimum requirement to win. If you do not have enough points, you are fired.

Avatar, generic customer, pizza, pizza toppings, customer tables, and kitchen tables.


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pizza games are always good