Midterm Deliverable

Chic A. Cheddar is a game that reflects my experience with a summer job last Summer. I was hired as a kitchen staff and had to make pizzas all day. The goal of the game is to read the orders, make the pizzas, and then deliver the pizzas to the appropriate customers. I really hated my job and I was really rude to my managers because they were annoying. 

Some problems I faced was the way my camera functioned.  My camera was overly sensitive and could rotate 360 degrees which is not what I wanted. I also had issues with the way my character movement mainly because I was unfamiliar with the character controller component, but I still decided to use it. The workaround for the camera was to set the rotation to the increment of the change of the Mouse vertical axis. I then clamped that variable so that it could never set the rotation higher or lower than 80 or -80. degrees. I'm not a 100% sure how the character controller managed to work properly but it did.

There were quite a bit of features I didn't get to implement. One of them was to include a trashcan that you could get rid of the current pizza you had. I also wanted the point system to be a bit more complex and have more factors to determine how many points a customer would give you (customer attitude, time it took to bring pizza, more toppings). I also wanted the order system to be much neater because it's currently very messy.

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