P.R.I.S.M.(Protection Reconnaissance Intelligence Sexy Man )

Play as an NSA agent and shoot the UFO enemies while avoiding being spotted by the girl. This game was based on the recent FBI/NSA agent meme. As the NSA agent you switch between cameras to get different angles and avoid shooting the girl. 

Our game uses a variety of different components in order to work. Throughout the process of making our game, we face different challenges like fixing the girl's movement and bullet detection, and editing the shooting script so that it was more accurate. Some of the things we managed to accomplished easily were the enemy Ais, the enemy spawning, the menu screen, and the score tracker.

Aim and shoot with mouse.
Switch between cameras with A and D or Scroll Wheel.

Game by: Aaron, Edgar, Emily, & Noah
Music by: Patrick Geeting

Patrick - kpgeeting@gmail.com
Edgar- edgargonzalezr11@gmail.com

StatusIn development
Made withUnity

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